Dental Management

Dental  software for effectively managing your dental practice.



Dental office software suite has a platform to deal with patient appointments (scheduling), billing, coding support, and patient education, all of which maximize the efficiency of the front and back office staff. Embedded in it are digital templates specifically designed for dental practices, tooth and gum graphics and an ability to import and organize x-rays. Dentists have a unique challenge in the medical community. Most appointments are scheduled several months ahead of time and require coordinating patient schedules and information with two different types of practitioners: dentist and dental hygienist. Often, routine visits turn into more in-depth procedures, and the ability to manage these changes and the associated information can have a big impact on the time and quality spent in caring for your patient.

These challenges make it that much more important to use dental software that manages patient data, images and practice information.

Dashboard Reports and Dental Practice Management: The implementation of this software leads to a paperless office and instant access to patients’ records. These tools also help in generation of various types of reports. The dashboard reports give up-to-date information about the working of the various departments.


Core Features of Dental Practice Management Software:

Graphical tooth charting This system has a simple graphical depiction of each tooth and gum that makes it easy to identify caries, fillings, veneers, crowns, missing teeth, gum problems and any other relevant issue. Any changes made to text-based templates should be reflected in the graphical tooth chart, and vice versa.
Dentistry-specific templates Embedded in the system are text-based templates should be present for all common procedures, and the EDR (electronic dental record) should let you add a template quickly in the event that an emergency procedure is required. Commonly used templates might include routine exams, fillings, root canals, crowns, tooth extraction or any number of customizable templates.
Dental imaging The idea here is to import X-rays and other digital images, immediately connecting them to the patient, and present them in a way that makes sense to the dentist (i.e., the same order as the graphical tooth chart).
Appointment Scheduling (Diary) This feature simplifies scheduling by coordinating dentist, and patient schedules and that doesn’t require back office staff to fast forward through six calendar months every time they need to book a patient out.

This tool uses powerful search engines to enable appointment scheduling. It also assists in sending Email and SMS-based appointment and vaccination reminders from the patient list. They also help with the hospitals’ cash flow by sending alerts for the outstanding payment.

Dental billing and insurance Dental billing software helps the practice in maximizing revenues through effective coding support, which simplifies billing as much as possible. As part of a dental EMR, it will likely include only those codes needed or used by dentists and can help group procedures that commonly occur together. Medical claims will be connected to our real time transaction enabler switch.
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