• What kind of applications do you develop?

    We develop a wide range of applications which include desktop applications, web applications and mobile applications. Our applications are mainly for health organisations but we also develop other applications not health related.

  • Where are your offices located?

    Our offices are located at 33 Craster road, Southerton in Harare.

  • Do you design websites?

    Yes. We design websites for small, medium and large enterprises. Our websites come in a range of packages which vary with price and functionality with the microsite package having the lowest price and the platnum package having the highest price.

  • How can I order a product?

    To order a product you can visit our offices at 33 Craster road, Southerton Harare or you can open a ticket by senting an email to sales@health263.co.zw and our sales representatives will walk you through the processes neccesary to obtaining your product or you can call our office on +263-4-620143/70

  • How many people can use the system at a time?

    As many users as there are.

  • What happens if my machine crashes?

    The system allows you to do a back up so all your information will be backed up.

  • Can you develop other systems not in the medical field?

    Yes we can, we can develop any IT related system.

  • Can the system work where there is no internet?

    Can the system work where there is no internet?

  • How can I reconcile my remittance?

    The system allows you to do your remittance advice on the system then it also updated on the bills.

  • How can we view patient file on the system?

    The system stores the patient history per encounter, so the patient will have all their history recorded, you can also upload x-ray images and lab results to a particular encounter.

  • Why use ICD10 codes?

    ICD10 code is world health organization written. It helps that all diagnosis will be uniform across the world. Medical aids require ICD10 for claiming. You will be able to get a diagnosis report when you use ICD10 diagnosis.