Biometric Verification

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Control system user access with our new and secure fingerprint login. You can use the same reader to check if a member is eligible for service with their medical aid.

Achieve a paperless Practice


Paperwork it not only tiring to complete for the patient but also prone to errors. Let the system complete your AHFoZ or custom claim form from a single click of a button.

Patient queue management

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Its rude and unprofessional to keep your patients waiting without communication. Intelligently manage your patients waiting queues, entertain them and get revenue from advertisers on an integrated big screen.

Electronic Consultation


Equipped with an electronic vitals and consultation board, doctors can freely enter their SOAP notes, select diagnosis from ICD10 codes, select drugs for prescriptions and access a patient’s clinical history including images, pathology and radiology data.

Stock and Inventory


Account for every item dispensed or used on a patient. This module caters for drugs in all formats, spectacles, sundries etc. You can now do your stock-take any minutes with easy and reconcile you stock electronically.

Claim Management


Keep track of claims submitted to medical aids in real time. The system offers on-access full age analysis for claim and cash amounts separately. Remittance advise slips are also processed electronically.