Health Information Management System(HMS263)

Management of administrative, financial and clinical aspects of Health Institutions


The HMS263 platform will streamline operations, produce accurate claims, and receive reimbursements faster. The key aspect of this HM263 is integrations. Put simply it is a software designed by NH263 for medical and health professionals to run their business smoothly and streamline daily activities like scheduling appointments, registering patients, submitting claims, and getting paid. This solution will dramatically improve the physicians and their staff clinical workflow efficiency and often boost reimbursements from healthcare insurance companies and other providers. It is a multi-user digital program to cover a practice workflow.


Too much staff costs money. Too little staff affects wait times and patient satisfaction. Hence this program solves this conundrum by framing a digital system which does the scheduling and queuing, biometric authentication, patient demographics, full Electronic Healthcare Record ( EHR ) and Electronic Medical Records (EMR), electronic consultation, dispensing and prescribing, laboratory and radiology modules, patient history management, stock management module, cash and medical insurance billing, electronic remittance processing, age-analysis, full system audit trail, accounting reports, CRM (SMS and emails to patients), integrated EDI solutions, advanced reporting, electronic claim file formatting, ZRVS, ICD10, custom coding and much more all this in one package. HMS263 becomes the practice’s command center, delivering astute, real-time analytics through customizable reports and dashboards to ensure that doctors know how your business is performing on the metrics that matter most. In short HMS263 runs the business side of the practice.

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