Zimbabwe National Electronic Health Record (ZNEHR)

Electronic monitoring of epidemics across the country.


Based on New Health263 health information exchange platform, the ZNEHR is part of Zimbabwe’s National IT Strategy for improving patient safety and quality of care. Put simply the ZNEHR is a reporting system on the distribution of instances of diseases e.g. cholera, typhoid etc. In order to monitor diseases closely and stringently by showing areas where it could easily spread.

The Government through the Ministry of Health and Child Care gave New Health 263 the mandate to set up the Zimbabwe National Electronic Health Record (ZNEHR). New Health263 was chosen for its proven reliability and interoperability with existing healthcare systems. The ZNEHR allows the government to see alarming diseases and any disease that is prevenient at that time by showing diagnosis by age, sex and location. This helps the government to take precaution measures and educate people adequately as well as plan accordingly in terms of drug procurement and resource allocation to the entire industry.

It comes with a visual and graphic illustrations easy to analyze with the basest connotations .Easy to comprehend and use but carries fundamental information pertaining the distribution and medical records of epidemics in times past. It makes information required for patient care available more easily and quickly and facilitates communication between healthcare professionals and the health governing bodies. Currently available in web based application our team is working on a mobile app for it.

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