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Innovative cost-effective technology solutions

New Health263 provides a platform for medical service providers and the medical funders to exchange medical related information. We bring the convenience of ICT solutions to increase efficiency in the healthcare sector. We believe that if the right information is sent to the intended recipient timeously in the healthcare industry, lives will be saved. This has prompted the need for us to be the conduit for information dissemination between interested stakeholders.

Isaack Manitho

Managing Director

Tapiwa Chiganze

Finance Manager

Sharon Chiweshe

Client Services Manager

Finance Team

Client Services Team


Develop Africa through innovative cost-effective technology solutions


Make New Health263 a household name and continue to improve healthcare solutions for the African market

Our Business Model

Our Business Model

We are the pioneers of BIOMETRIC electronic submission of claims in Zimbabwe by integrating disparate systems and enabling them to process and eventually submit claims in real time. Signing up to any of our services follows a simple four step model.

Requirements for connection are:



If your application is successful, we will send you a contract to sign



Once you sign the contract you proceed to make payment. We have multiple payment options



Our team will install a unit and offer free training within 3-5 working days



Our team will provide telephone support, remote desktop applications, other social media platforms and onsite support

Our Services

Biometric Claims Switching

Biometric electronic switching platform allows service providers to send real-time electronic claims to Medical Aids using a biometric fingerprint reader for member verification and claims signing in Realtime.

Disease management

We have introduced a disease management programme to the Zimbabwean market. The program is designed to meet the needs of patients with chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, and HIV. The program is evidence-based, clinically appropriate, and delivered by experienced healthcare professionals who are dedicated to improving patient outcomes.

Dr Remo Telemedicine Platform

Telemedicine is the use of communication technologies to provide and support health care. It involves the remote diagnosis and treatment of patients, via real-time two-way video communication. The benefits of tele medicine include better assessments, improved convenience, primary care and chronic condition management.

Practice Management System

Our Practice Management System works both offline and online through a local area network. It turns your practice into a paperless environment as document all key processes which are done with the system.

BI & Customizable Reporting Module

Fast access to reliable information that you can trust is the cornerstone of successfully managing your business. We have the specialist skills to provide dashboards, warehouses and analytical reporting.

Fraud, Waste & Abuse

This is a backend functionality that helps to identify fraudulent claims in real-time from healthcare service providers to healthcare funders. It is proactive (during claim submission, claims are washed within seconds via the Switch) and reactive (real-time detection of anomalies to trigger a full investigation on historical claims from the highlighted healthcare service provider). This is an additional security layer and rules engine to the healthcare funders backend management system.


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